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Welcome to the free video page!

Here you can watch videos and documentaries on the history of the Veda’s and Vedic culture, philosophy and much more.


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Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge

(This is a must watch great video!)


Proof that the Vedic Civilization is More than 5000 Years Old


Forbidden Archeology By Michael A. Cremo

To download the full version of this book for free Click here


The Origins of Man – Problems with the Evidence


If your into; ancient facts, sacred geometry, conspiracies, history of governments, Illuminati, secret societies, and the religions of the world then this long video is for you!
NOTE: It does not talk about the Vedic age, it talks about what came after the Vedic age.


Nikola Tesla understood the secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt and other ancient cultures that were more advanced then our modern culture of machines.


Me and My Mind
(This is a must watch great video!)


Christ means Krishna God by Prabhupada


Srila Prabhupada on TV interview in 1975


Liquid Beauty


World Peace Chant




Bad Karma



The last video is not allowed on Youtube. But you can watch it using this websites private viewer by clicking here



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