Seven poems from Mr. Das

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Seven poems from Mr. Das



Mortals Meant for the Eternal

Here’s a place where everything fades like dye then it dies
It’s born, it grows, then it slowly goes
By products are made and they stay for some time
But there’s just no stopping the force of time
Never mind how much we manipulate our mind
The laws have been laid and we must abide
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
So, no matter what, so called stainless steel will turn to rust
These are the laws in this world of lust
We’re stuck in the realm of mortality
But, this is just not the realm of reality
Our home is a land of love, eternally
We’ve only temporarily accepted these dresses that cover our identity
They’re dresses of death and misery
But real life is nothing but ecstasy
Nitai-Gaura, Hari bol!
We’re not the body, but the soul


Looking for Some Light

Mr. Jiv, being peeved thus bereaved:

All my life, life after life
Living without light, I’ve been swimming in the strife
Not knowing what is what
Not knowing what is right
Or why I’m forced to suffer
And why I’m forced to die
I wonder why
I wonder…who am I?
So many questions in my mind, I find myself in a bind
And without the true solution, I simply cry
I look up towards the sky
I look deep inside
Oh, my Lord, I’m looking for your light in my life

Sri Krishna the Supreme, seeing Jiv’s mental scene thus desired him to be serene:

My dear son,
I know you’ve tried to have your fun,
But in this world of frustration, none has ever come
It’s temporary and full of miseries
So here happiness can never be
The eternal spirit spark is bound within the body
And identifying with the body is falsity
The reality is: he’s the small spirit soul, servant of the Great Spirit Whole, full of ecstasy
But this temporary body’s full of misery
So how can he be happy in a fearful fantasy that will flee
This illusion’s simply a bad dream
My dear soul, just wake up and see…
Nitai-Gaura Hari!


A Beast

I wander…a wild, bewildered, illusioned beast…but, I’ve been bound on a leash
Although the truth is pulling me back towards the way to be free,
I stay a stubborn, foolish mule, marching to the tune of misery
Mad for the material, I see it as a treat
But, once I eat, I just get beaten like a beast,
Though, I proudly possess a human form, walking on two feet
Like a horse led to water, back and forth,
With a free will, I still stretch for those forbidden fruits on the tree
But, still, they stay out of reach to this dumb donkey in delusion after false feats,
Chasing dangling sweet meats that I will never meet,
I’m continuously kicked, tricked to toil tirelessly for a master who just cheats me
I’m driven in a damned direction of defeat,
Hollow headed, following the whole world like a heard of sheep
Rolling down the wrong way, they say west…but, now I’m running east
Yet, still I stay stuck in my old ways without a true sense of peace
Although a beast I remain, I battle every day to break away
To break away…
It’s a tough tug of war…I’m tempted yet, determined to be tamed
Oh, I know no other way but the power of the Lord’s Holy Names

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare


Arise thee Blind

Decorated with different designations,
I’m ignorant of my real identification
I can wear this human hat or that of a cat or a bat or a rat
I think I am this and I think I am that
But, I don’t really know what is this or that
In my mind I imagine that I’m so fresh and fat
But, like an itty bitty bug I go splat!
I’m flat fooled, not in knowledge of the Truth
Being bodily conceived, I thus bereave when I’m peeved
And especially when the real me, the spirit soul, leaves
I’m addicted to deeds that further dig me deep
And keep me in darkness, I sleep,
But the transcendental sounds…so sweet, are slapping me
Get up, wake up, now it’s time to be free!
Hare Krsna!
Kirtaniyah sada Hari


Who the Boss?

Bound…all around
What kind of king wears a crown and at the same time is bound…all around?
Tied up by the laws, we must abide or be tried by the court
Effect upon effect, yet there’s only one Supreme cause
We can choose a many course
We’re free to be, but to follow, still we’re forced
Like a bridled horse, we’re controlled by the laws
No…on our own we cannot move forth
So, who’s the boss?
Who’s the boss?
The One giving orders or the one doing chores?


A Human Being or a Polished Animal in a Suit?

We’re attached to these so called marvelous modern ways
Where attached bathrooms with raised toilets are praised
And how the bodily necessities can be comfortably arranged
So we can eat, sleep, defend and mate
But, if this is all that makes up our life, what makes us different from the apes?

From life’s real goal we’ve moved away…
A human being or a polished animal in a suit?
Where do we stand if we’re blind to the Truth?
Above the material principles there’s higher purpose to pursue
We get the clues from the guru…
We get the truth…above the material principles, there’s the spiritual
Not dated for death, invincible


Under Control

We are so much under control
Over eat just a little more…
And then we must go, again and again to the toilet bowl
We are under the laws, under strict control
This world’s a well-guarded forte
No, we can’t go even a single step outside the prison walls
Unless we are told: “Yes, you can go”
Otherwise, we are tied tight
Oh, it’s durga – so difficult to go
No, we can’t overcome the three material modes
But, as it is said by Krsna, the Lord:
Those who have surrendered unto me can cross beyond this divine energy, easily

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna  Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare



If you want to get in touch with Mr. Das, the artist who wrote these transcendental lyrics, you can contact him at   or

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