Hayagriva Swami – Vrindaban Days (Memories of an Indian Holy Town)- Free Download

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Free Download Bhagavad-Gita As It Is Original 1972 Macmillan edition

Vrindaban Days By Hayagriva Swami

“Vivid, penetrating pros, touching personal memories, colorful places and exotic people, stimulating philosophical dialogues, genuinely just insight, intimate confessions and most importantly: fascinating, satisfying read.”



“My sleep is troubled, filled with dreams as strange as opium visions. I levitate like a demon out of the Ramayana, rising off the floor and into the air. Through the latticed window I hear the sounds of car horns, the cries of vendors, the beeping of motor rickshaws. Do I wake or sleep?

Smells of incense and steaming chapatis drift in from the street. Soon again, I dream. Somehow caught in the Southwest monsoons, I struggle through flooded streets and seek refuge at the New Govardhan Hotel. The manager hands me the guest register. It’s a new form required of all foreigners, and my hand soon aches from writing. There must be hundreds of pages to fill out. The questions asked by the Central Indian Government become more detailed and personal: Do you chant while bathing? Do you ever cheat?

I awake, and the dream pops like a bubble. Groggy from jet lag and nightmares, I lie on my back, unable to move. Where I might?”


HOWARD WHEELER, former Professor of English at Ohio State University, is the editor and author of numerous books. He co-authored “Dialectic Spiritualism,” an impressive comparative dialogue of Western and Eastern philosophical thought.

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