Happy Janmastami and Prabhupada’s appearance day! Official new website launch, offering to Prabhupada.

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Krishnapath Newsletter

Happy Janmastami / Prabhupada’s appearance day!

The all new Krishna Path website is officially launched today as an offering to Srila Prabhupada!


Prabhupada getting garlanded by child

Dear Krishna path family, we are so happy to tell you that after months of work the new website is finally ready and officially launch today in celebration of Sri Krishna Janmastami, and as an offering to the lotus feet of our master Srila Prabhupada.

If you have not visited Krishna Path in the last few month let this newsletter be your official welcome invitation to explore all the new features. For those of you that are regular visitors we thank you for bearing with us throughout the last few months of dealing with broken links and files that would not download correctly as we did our programing and reprograming on the back end of the site to make it wonderful for you. Thanks for bearing with us as we update and improve everything.

Now that this task of redesigning the website to give you, the beloved family of Krishna Path, a more pleasurable, more user friendly experience, is complete, we are hard at work on adding more and more free downloadable content.

For all you high tech devotees that use smart phones to surf the internet you will find that Krishnapath.org is now fully responsive/smartphone compatible. 🙂


On this most auspicious of all auspicious days we would like to share with everyone this very nice lecture by Srila Prabhupada where he is begging each and every one of us to help him in his mission.


Click here to download this lecture for free

It is clear that the books of our spiritual master His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada are the most important things in the universe and we need to read them every day and share them with others. But we also know that in this age we are all so busy with so many material duties, or just our own minds and senses demanding our attention and making it very difficult for us to get time for reading and chanting, what to speak of distributing Prabhupada’s books to others or inspiring them to chant.

So that is where KrishnaPath.org comes in. On KrishnaPath.org Prabhupada’s original authorized books are there for free download and there are so many audiobooks that you can listen to online or on your smart phone or iPod, while in traffic, on the way to work, while working out at the gym, while cooking or cleaning, or at any time. Some devotees even play Prabhupada bhajana’s softly while they sleep. They wind up waking up fully rested and refreshed spiritually and materially. You can download the ebooks in ePub, kindle, or pdf format for free and attach them to an email and send them to your friends. Anyone can do this with no expenditure at all because everything on Krishnapath.org is free for download!

So everything is so easy.

KrishnaPath.org also regularly gets feedback from many people of how much this site has helped them to stay inspired and enlivened in their spiritual lives and keep (start) chanting and reading Srila Prabhupada’s original blessed books.

There are many devotees that live far away from any other devotees and so the internet is their only association and this site is such a source of inspiration for them. So we encourage every one to take advantage of this facility and recommend it to all your friends so they may also benefit from all the free transcendental wisdom downloads.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support to make Krishnapath.org a wonderful place where everyone can come to get so much nectar on such an easily accessible and easily distributable digital platform!

Baby KrishnaYou can look forward to, in the near future, tuns more free transcendental wisdom downloads of all types of Krishna consciousness.

Prabhupada smiling



Hare Krishna please share!

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