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Dear Mother Devaki, Within your womb is the Supreme Personality of Godhead p22

I request you to conceal this four armed form p29

Krishna played on the lap of Devaki p30[

Vasudeva carries Krishna across the Yamuna p30

Vasudeva exchanged his Son for the girl p31

The joyous vibrations of Krsna’s Birth ceremony p38

Putana killed p46

Krsna kicked the cart killing the demon Sakatasura

No one can ascertain the cause of the carts falling p52

Krsna kills Trinavarta p53

Mother Yasoda sees everything in Krsna’s mouth p54

Gargamuni performed the name giving ceremony when Krsna was one year old p56

Yasoda and Rohini would call their neighboring friends to see the fun p59

All day they simply make arrangements to steal our butter and yogurt p61

When He was caught Krsna was almost on the point of crying

The darling of Vraja p.61

Krsna always demanded mother Yasoda’s complete attention p64

The great sage Narada Muni p67

Out of the fallen trees came tow personalities shining like fire p71

With a tumultuous sound they started for Vrindavan in carts p76

Sometimes the cowherd boys would imitate the sounds of various animals and birds p77

Krishna easily bifurcated Bakasura’s mouth as easily as a child splits a blade of grass p78

Krsna had to plan how to stop the destruction of His intimate friends p83

Seeing Krsna enjoying with His friends Lord Brahma decided to play a trick p88

All the cows and boys transformed into Vishnu forms

Brahma offers obeisances to please Krsna p96

Krsna brought forward the cows and played on His flute through the forest of Vrindavana p113

Returning home, Krishna and Balarama were received by Their affectionate mothers p117

Krishna’s punishment to Kaliya was actually a benediction p123

Garuda struck the body of Kaliya with his effulgent golden wings p128

Krsna would praise them saying My dear friends you are dancing and singing very nicely p132

Pralambasura looked just like a cloud with lightning carrying the moon p133

Krishna the supreme mystic immediately swallowed up all the flames of the fire p135

Due to remaining in the water for a long time the gopis felt cold and were shivering p154

The wives of the brahmanas saw the Supreme Personality of Godhead and He entered within their hearts through their eyes p160

My dear father there is no need to worship the demigod Indra

Do not be afraid of the hill and think it will fall from My hand p175

King Indra from the heavenly planet appeared before Krsna from a secluded place p180

The god of the waters was holding Nanda captive underneath the sea p184

Krsna the supreme enjoyer desired to enjoy the company of the gopis p190

Krsna being profoundly attached to the gopis never goes away from Vrndavana

The gopis remembered their pastimes with Krishna p208

Out of many thousands of gopis Radharani is the most prominent p211

It appeared that Krsna was a greenish sapphire locket in the midst of a golden necklace p214

Mohana Madhuri p215

Krsna appeared on the scene and touched the serpent with His lotus feet to save Nanda maharaja p226/p>

Being Kicked by Krsna, Aristasura rolled over and began to move his legs violently p237

The hand of Krsna felt to Kesi like a hot iron rod p240

Seeing Krishna’s footprints, Akrura became overwhelmed with ecstasy and wept, as his body trembled p248

Trying to stop krsna from going the gopis began to cry loudly O dear Damodara dear Madhava p254

Akrura saw Balarama turned into Sesa Naga and Krsna turned into Maha Visnu p255

KB3vol_1.40-When the news spread that Krsna Balarama and the cowherd boys were within Mathura city all the ladies and girls went up to the roofs of the houses to see Them

The florist begged from the lord that He might remain His eternal servant p265

The elephant moved before Krsna like inevitable death p271

The audience was not very satisfied because the wrestlers did not appear to be equally matched p275

Simply from the strokes of His fist Kamsa lost his vital force p278

Krishna ordered the god of the ocean to return the son of His teacher p288

Bumblebee you are the unreliable servant of an unreliable master p299

Full of feminine bashfulness, Kubja stood gracefully before Krsna p315e

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