Art Gallery of KRSNA Book Original Paintings

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Their blood began to flow just like the waves of a river p330

King Mucukunda burned Kalayavana into ashes within a moment p336e

Krishna and Balarama jumped from the top of the mountain p348

Rukmini was praying to Krsna for the life of her brother p365

The cook found a nice baby within the belly of the fish p372

Krsna and Jambavan fought like two opposing vultures (p. 4)

While Krsna and Arjuna were resting and drinking water, they saw a beautiful girl of marriageable age walking alone at the bank of the Yamuna.

Krsna pulled them strongly, just as a child pulls a toy wooden bull

Lord Krsna saw that the trident of the Mura demon was gradually rushing toward His carrier, Garuda. (p. 26)

Krsna married the sixteen thousand girls released from the custody of Bhaumasura (p. 39)

Rukmini fell down straight, like a banana tree cut down by a whirlwind. (p. 39)

Balarama tool a club in His hand and without further talk struck Rukmi on the head (p.52)

When Banasura saw him, Aniruddha was engaged in playing with Usa.

Banasura rushed towards Krsna, simultaneously working 500 bows and 2,000 arrows. (p. 61)

The demigod was obliged to accept the body of a lizard.

Balarama passed every night with the gopis in the forest of Vrndavana.

Seeing Paundraka imitating His posture and dress, He could not check His laughter. (p. 225)

This time, Narada Muni saw that Lord Krsna was engaged as an affectionate father petting His small children.    (p. 103)

Lord Krsna immediately stood up along with His ministers and secretaries to receive the great sage Narada Muni.      (p. ll5)

Catching Jarasandha in this way he tore his body in two

Sisupala continued to insult Krsna, and Krsna patiently heard him without protest.   (p. 144)

They were all enjoying the occasion by throwing liquid substances on each other.     (p. 148)

Krsna cut off Salva’s head, and the head, with earrings and helmets, fell on the ground.   (p. 160)

Balarama killed Romaharsana simply by striking him with a blade of grass. (p. 165)

At the first opportunity Balarama dragged the demon down with His plow. (p. 168)

The women in the palace were surprised to see that the poor brahmana was seated on the bedstead of Lord Krsna.       (p. 179)

All the members of the Yadu dynasty again took their baths in the lakes created by Lord Parasurama.

Arjuna was simply looking over beautiful Subhadra, who was very enchanting even to the great heroes and kings. (p. 228)

The personified Vedas assemble around the Lord and began to glorify Him. (p 243)

The Lord would sprinkle water on the bodies of the queens with a syringe-like instrument.

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