Art Gallery of Krishna & His Devotees Transcendental Pastimes

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Kamsa tries to Kill Devaki

Baby Krishna appears in his Vishnu form in the prison of Kamsa

Vasudeva caries baby Krishna across the raging Yamuna river, and the river parted out of love for Krishna.

Baby Krishna on a banyan tree leaf

Baby Sri Krishna abhishekam by his loving parents and devotees

Mother Yasoda and baby Krishna

Darling Krishna of sits on Mother Yasoda’s lap (a very intimate picture) – very high resolution.

Beautiful baby Krishna steals and eats butter. Makhan-chor

Krishna eating butter

Makhan chor (the butter Thief)

Krishna as baby

Baby Krishna with parrots

Krishna God

Mother Yasodha and the cow herd boys dress Krishna

Mother Yasodha and Nanda Maharaja welcome Krishna

Gopal plays his flute surrounded by cows

A fruit vendor gives all her fruit to Krishna and finds that now her basket is full of jewels!

Krishna kills the cart demon Sakatasura

Trinavarta, the whirlwind demon took Baby Krishna into the sky to try to kill Him but Krishna became too heavy for him and began to strangle him.

Krishna kills the demon Trinavarta and mother Yasodha comes to protect her Baby child.

Mother Yasoda sees the whole universe in baby Krishnas mouth

Yashodha chases Krishna to chastise Her darling Baby. Krishna likes playing as an ordinary naughty boy to please His devotees

Mother yashoda binds lord Damodara

Narada curses the two sons of Kuvera Nalakuvara and Manigriva who did not show him proper respect

Krishna shows Brahma how He has actually become all the Cows and Boys reveling His inconceivable potencies

Krishna gives liberation to Nalakuvara and Manigriva from the form of the twin Arjuna trees

Krishna kills the Bakasura demon

The Aghasura demon lay on the road to devour Krishna’s friends and Krishna contemplates how to save them and kill the demon.

The residents of Vrindavan’s love has increased so much due to Krishna himself taking the place of all the cows and cowherds boys.

Lord Brahma offers prayers to Krishna after realizing that Krishna is just playing as a village boy.

Krishna kills Dhenukasura the ass demon

he cowherds boys and cows died by drinking the poisioned Yamuna water and Krishna lovingly brings them back to life

Krishna fights with the Kaliya serpant

Krishna dancing on the hoods of kaliya serpent

Krishna lifts Goverdhan hill

Krishna swallows the forestfire and save the cows and inhabitants of Vraja

Krishna story stealing the garments of the unmarried gopies

Cow with Krishna

Closeup of painting of Krishna with his beloved cows

Krishna and the gopas (cowherad boys) eat their lunch in Vrindavan

Krishna on swing with cowherd boys in Vrindavan.

Krishna loves to serve His devotees He massages Lord Balarama’s feet

Balarama plays a trick on Krishna and gives Him a flower instead of a sweet – Krishna likes to play with his devotees

Krishna and Balaram walk through Sri Vrindavan dhama

High resolution image of Krishna and Balarama

Krishna and the cowherd boys run through Vrindavan and try to catch Krishna.

Krishna plays games in vrindavan with his friends

Wounderful Krishna plays games in the forest with his boy friends and the animals. Isn’t Krishna the most adorable lovable friend?!

Hare Krsna Hare Rama

Krishna and Balarama play as cow herds boys in Vrindavan and enjoy loving pastimes with their devotees

Krishna & Balaram

The loving embrace of Krishna and his devotee.

Krishna Lovingly embrases His pure unalloyed devotee as he Re-enters Goloka-Vrindavana.

Sri Govinda

Krishna gallery

Hari Krishna Hari Krishna

ISKCON pictures

Krishna art gallery

ISKCON picture (high resolution)

We concentrate upon Your lotus feet to go back home back to Godhead

Photo of Radha Radha very high resolution

Krishna image

The cowherd (gopa’s) men and gopis tend to their cows and calfs to serve Krishna with love

Sharma art – Cows, krishna, gopies, gopas, cowherd men in the village of Vrindavan

Radha offers flowers to the lotus feet of krishna

Photo for Krishna


Radha and krishna together

Beautiful Radha and Krishna the divine couple. Sri Radha holds the flute

Radha and Krishna swinging

Radha Krishna painting high resolution

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna

Radha Krishnan

Photos for Krishna high resolution

Radha and the gopies are missing Krishna

Radhey Krishna Radhey Krishna


Radha and Krishna enjoy together with the gopies (closeup)

Radha and Krishna enjoy together with the gopies (full size image)

Radha and Krishna with the gopies

Krishna enjoying music with the gopis

Krishna photo gallery pictures

Krishna photos high resolution

Old Rasa dance painting

High resolution Krishna’s Rasa Dance. ISKCON painting

(old) Rasa dance

Young tender aged Krishna & Balarama fight the huge strong wrestlers.

Krishna killing King Kamsa punching him and pounding the life out of him.

Sandipani muni school

Kunthi calls the Sungod with her magic mantra. She is surprised to see him actually appear before her ready to fulfill her desires.

Duḥśāsana tries to disrobe Draupadi and she is saved by Krishna who supplies an unlimited amount of cloth to her sari.

Bhagavad-Gita original art plate44 cover art. Arjuna on chariot Original

Bhagavad gita pictures

Krishna draws Arjuna

Bhagavad-Gita original art plate 3 Draw my chariot between the two armies so that I may see who is present here, desirous of fighting

Bhagavad Gita – The chariot sits between the armies. Now Arjuna, knowing all this, do what you like

Bhagavad-Gita original art plate 5 Arjuna is lamenting and his weapons slip from his hand as he resolves that he does not want to fight

Lord Krishna, as the chariot driver, instructs Arjuna on the battlefield as the two sides prepare for battle

Bhagavad Geeta

Krishna shows his Universal form to Arjuna and Arjuna offers prayers


Universal form Indian painting

Lord Krishna photos

Arjuna fights on the gruesome battlefield of Kurukshetra

Krishna attacks grandfather Bhishma to save his devotee Arjuna

Grandfather Bhishma lies on the battlefield on a bed of arows and speaks to Maharaja Yudistira in an undisturbed state of mind

The Yadavas, being drunk on rice wine, fight and eliminate themselves from the Earth. Thus removing the last of the real Kshatriyas and beginning the Kali-yuga

Srila Sukadeva Gosvami approches maharaja Pariksit to speak the Bhagavatam on his last 7 days to live

Sukadeva Goswami speaks the Srimad Bhagvatam to Maharaj Pariksit

The snake-bird Taksaka bit Maharaja Pariksit, who was ready to die, being merged in meditation on the Supersoul, and the body of the saintly king immediately burned to ashes

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