Art Gallery of Demigod and Goddesses

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Lord Indra (being puffed up with material opulence’s of heaven) does not receive his guru Brihaspati properly and makes a great offense!

Fierce battle of the demons and the demigods!

Siva on his bull Nandi with his ghostly followers in the background

Sati, the daughter of Daksa and wife of Lord Siva, gives up her body after Daksa disrespects Lord Siva.

Virabhadra (the demon Lord Siva created) beheads Daksa at the sacrificial arena.

Daksa (who now has a goat’s head) with great humility, approches Lord Siva and beggs for forgiveness

The Demigods pray to lord Vishnu on the milk ocean

Lord Siva may smoke marijuana, ganja, hashish, or whatever he wants, but he also can drink an ocean of poison! Don’t Imitate!

Lord Dhanvantari appears from the churning of the milk ocean with a pot of nectar.

Krishna incarnations. Mohini, the most beautiful woman in the universe stops the Demon Rahu from swallowing the nectar

Lord Siva became lusty seeing the beautiful Mohini-murti incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna

A Shivite prays to Lord Siva

Lord Siva sits in meditation

Lord Shiva and Paravati sit together and discuss spiritual subjects and Krishna consciousness

Lord Shiva God

Lord Shiva pictures

Lord Siva with the Ganges river coming down on his head

Lord Shiva meditates

Durga Devi the goddess of the material energy sitting on lion in all her splendor. Her son Ganesh sits on lap.

Beautiful painting of Ganesha the son of Lord Shiva.

Ganesh loves laddus

Ganesh likes sweets

Ganesh gives benedictions and eliminates all obstacles (the best benediction is Krishna Bhakti!)

Lord Ganesha destroyer of all obstacles!

Ganesha writes down the veda’s

Goddess Saraswati (Sarasvati) sitting on a lotus flower Plays her lute (veena).

Ganga Devi rides on a crocodile

Goddess Kali kills the dacoits chopping off their heads and decapitating them and protects Jada-Bharata – Krishna’s pure devotee


Hanuman burns down lanka


Sri Hanumanji loves his Lord Sri Ramachandra

Gajendra the elephant being attaked by a crocodile offers prayers and a lotus flower to Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu gives liberation to both the crocodile and Gajendra the elephant

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