Free Download – Srila Prabhupada’s original Prospectus The League of Devotees (from May 16, 1953)

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Free Download – Srila Prabhupada’s original Prospectus The League of Devotees (from May 16, 1953)

Free Download – Srila Prabhupada’s original Prospectus The League of Devotees (from May 16, 1953)

Excerpt from the book:

The purpose of establishing an association like ‘The League of Devotees’ on the wish of Om Vishnupada Paramhansa 108 Sree Sreemat Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswatee Goswami Maharaj and Thakur Bhakti Vinode of Nabadwipa (W. Bengal) is keenly felt a necessary enterprise on the face of the present world situation with special reference to the degraded and distressed condition of the human being.

The human being in general has forgotten his real purpose of life, being too much attracted by the External Energy of the Absolute Truth and as such he is enamoured with the beauty of material Nature without any consideration of his spiritual identity.

This forgetfulness has begun from a time immemorial and from that time immemorial the living entity is transmigrating from one form of body to another by a gradual process of evolution. When he attains the boon of human form of life his consciousness is enlightened and developed so much so that he can know himself, this Cosmic World and the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

In the lives other than the human being, the consciousness of the living entity is enwrapped with grossest type of materialism and as such living entities in that state of existence do not know anything beyond the prime necessities of animal life namely Eating, Sleeping, Fearing and Sense-gratifying.

Human form of life is therefore obtained after a struggle for existence by millions and millions of transmigrating evolutions and the purpose of this life must not therefore be spoiled in such engagements of animal life as simply by Eating, Sleeping, Fearing and Sense-gratifying.

The modern trend of human civilization is supposed to be a polished type of animal life. It has improved the method of eating by discovering varieties of palatable dishes. It has improved the method of sleeping by constructing massive and attractive palatial buildings and resting places, provided with well furnished coaches and sleeping bedsteads.

It has improved the quality of Fearing by various defence measures which are exacting more than 50% of human energy with the ultimate result that it has invented the Atomic Bomb which facilitates the dying process of human being. None of the scientific discoveries can save the man from the cruel hands of death. It has improved the method of sense-gratification by inventing cinometographic pictures, phonographic sounds, wireless radios, horseless carriages and similar other illusory things on the one hand. On the other hand it has improved the dressing method of the fair sex which gratifies the sense enjoyment lust of human being. The market is full with the advertisements of pictures of beautiful women for selling such sense gratifying articles as varieties of Toilets, Jewelleries, Sarees, Medicines, contraceptives and similar other materials. And to maintain this animal type of civilization for the benefit of a handful men of demoniac principles, ninety-five percent people of the human race is chained up to become victims of this wrong type of civilization, devoid of spiritual value.

There is no peace even now in the villagers’ life because the innocent villagers are also being attracted by the glamour of the polished type of animal civilization and that also for the benefit of 5 percent contending polished demons. As such 95% of the innocent human being is suffering from the pangs of this animal civilization.

The League of Devotees stands to protect both this 5% polished demons as well as the 95% innocent victims for real freedom and blessed life. It does not propose to stop the animal necessities of life namely: Eating, Sleeping, Fearing, and Sense gratifying processes, but it proposes to check the one sided imbalance of life without consideration of spiritual value.

Life is after all Spirit and upon the Spiritual foundation subtle matters like intelligence and mind and gross matters like the material encagement of body have developed according to one’s desire and inclination (the law of Karma). This desire and inclination has overpowered the spirit soul in such a manner that it cannot get rid of the influence of the External Energy of the Absolute Truth by its own effort without enlightenment.

It is a mistake to identify spirit soul either with the gross matters (earth, water, fire, air and sky) or with the subtle matter (mind, intelligence and ego) because both of them are produced of the External Energy of Godhead. Living entity being the Product of Spiritual Divine Nature or internal Energy of Godhead, Spirit Soul or living entity is qualitatively equivalent with Godhead. It is not therefore possible to manufacture such living being in the laboratory of material science.

We need now to open a laboratory of spiritual science where research in the Divine Nature of living entity can be made and thereby ascertain the real necessities of the spirit soul, which governs the material world. This can be evolved for the peace and prosperity of the living being who is in essence Spirit and not matter. Let us now find out the Divine Nature of living entity.


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