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Free Download Sri Isopanisad

Sri Isopanisad

Sri Isopanisad is the foremost of the 108 Upanisads. Contained within is the essence of all Vedic knowledge. Presented with the original Sanskrit text, transliterations, English synonyms and purports, by a self-realized Teacher (Acharya), this book is recommended for the novices and neophytes as well as the most highly elevated souls. Its’ contents are transcendentally pleasing to the non-deceptive and sincere aspirants of spiritual advancement in life. (This is the original, unedited 1969 Sri Isopanisad!)

From the Invocation:

The Complete Whole, or the Supreme Absolute Truth, is the complete Personality of Godhead. Impersonal Brahman forms an incomplete realization of the Absolute Complete, and so also does the conception of Paramãtman, the Supersoul. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is sac-cid-ãnanda-vigraha: impersonal Brahman realization is the realization of His sat, or eternity aspect, and Paramãtman, Supersoul realization, is the realization of His sat and cit, eternity and knowledge aspects.

But realization of the Personality of Godhead is realization of all the transcendental features, sat, cit, and ãnanda, bliss. In the Personal concept, this is realized in complete, form (vigraha). And so the Complete Whole is not formless. If He is formless, or if He is less than His creation in any other thing, He cannot be complete. The Complete Whole must have everything, both within our experience and beyond our experience. Otherwise He cannot be complete.

The Complete Whole Personality of Godhead has immense potencies, and all of them are as complete as He is. Therefore this phenomenal or material world is also complete by itself. The twenty-four elements of which this material universe is a temporary manifestation are completely adjusted to produce complete things necessary for the maintenance and subsistence of this universe. No extraneous effort by any other unit is required for this maintenance. The universe has its own time, fixed by the energy of the Complete Whole, and when that time is complete this temporary manifestation will be annihilated by the complete arrangement of the Complete.

There is complete facility for the small complete units, namely the living beings, to realize the Complete; and all forms of incompleteness are experienced only on account of incomplete knowledge of the Complete. The human form of life is a complete manifestation of the consciousness of the living being, which is obtained after evolving through 8,400,000 species of life in the cycle of birth and death. If a human being does not realize his completeness within the Complete in this life of full consciousness, he loses the chance of realizing his completeness, and is put again into the cycle of evolution by the law of material Nature.

Because we do not know that there is a complete arrangement in Nature for our maintenance, we make efforts to utilize the resources of Nature to create a so-called complete life of sense enjoyment. This misleading life of sense-enjoyment is called illusion, because the living entity cannot enjoy the life of the senses without being dovetailed with the Complete Whole. For example, the hand of a body is a complete unit as long as it is attached to the complete body. When the hand is detached from the body, it may appear like a hand, but actually it has none of the potency of a hand. Similarly, the living beings are parts and parcels of the Complete Whole; and as long as the parts and parcels are detached from the Complete Whole, the illusory representation of completeness is not enough to bring the desired result.

The completeness of human life can only be realized when the human form of life is engaged in the service of the Complete Whole. Any service in this world, whether social, political, communal, international, or even interplanetary, will remain incomplete unless and until it is dovetailed with the Complete Whole. And, when everything is dovetailed with the Complete Whole, the attached parts and parcels also become complete in themselves.


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