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Free Download Nectar of Devotion

Nectar of Devotion

The Nectar of Devotion is complete, step-by-step handbook for attaining perfection in bhakti-yoga of the highest love. Enriched by hundreds of factual personal examples, The Nectar of Devotion explains the practical techniques of bhakti-yoga, both basic and advanced.

From the preface of The Nectar of Devotion:
“No one can live without loving someone else. This propensity is present in every living being. Even an animal like a tiger has this loving propensity at least in a dormant stage, and it is certainly present in the human beings. The missing point, however, is where to repose our love so that everyone can become happy. At the present moment the human society teaches one to love his country or family or his personal self, but there is no information where to repose the loving propensity so that everyone can become happy. That missing point is Krsna, and The Nectar of Devotion teaches us how to stimulate our original love for Krsna and how to be situated in that position where we can enjoy our blissful life.”

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Click here for the Nectar of Devotion AudioBook (by Siksastaka Dasa) original authorized 1970 first edition!
Click here for the Nectar of Devotion AudioBook (by Meena d.d.)
Click here for the Nectar of Devotion AudioBook (by computer voice)

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